Dear friends! –
X  Thereminology festival is dedicated to the centenary of russian theremin and to Lev Theremin, genius and innovator

The Thereminology festival will be attended by over 60 thereminists – members of the St. Petersburg Theremin Society, finalists of the Theremin Star competition, students of Russian Theremin School, guests of the festival – thereminists from different countries of the world..

You can see the first part of the festival on January 2 at 19-00 Moscow time on the Theremin Today channel on You Tube.

Part 2 – January 6 at 19-00 (Moscow time)

Part 3 – January 9 at 19-00 (Moscow time)

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Peter Theremin thereminist, Theremin Today header, great-grandson of Leon Theremin