Kazuo Kita (Japan)

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I play Theremin activities at Nursing home, Kindergarten, Live cafe, The guest performance in recital of music school, and etc. based in Nara Japan. 

So please, if you have anything that you would like to say publicly about Clara Rockmore, her creativity and her anniversary, – please write.
I think that she was the greatest theremin player with high quality musicality. I feel a deep impression when listening to her performance.

What prompted you to play theremin?
In 2001, the movie “THEREMIN An Electronic Odyssey” was theatrical published in Japan. I wanted to try playing the theremin, visited the hobby circle “Friends of theremin” Osaka, Japan.

What were your first feelings when you heard the sounds of theremin and where did it happen?
The first time I heard the sounds of theremin was a performance of Clara Rockmore in the movie. It was bleakly, painful, and beautiful.

What is your musical philosophy and what place it occupies a theremin?
Playing the theremin bring Tranquility of mind for me, like a tea ceremony. I’m aiming to heartful Theremin music.

Prospects for theremin and its place in modern music space – how you see them? For what qualities you value this tool?
It’s nice If get the sound such as trumpet, clarinet, and etc. by playing the theremin, like a synthesizer. But, I think it’s unnecessary to adding a pitch correction function. Pitch correction function makes difficult to play the theremin.

Which manufacturer of theremin do you prefer?
Moog Etherwave Theremin Standard

What you can recommend for beginners thereminists, or those who are just going to start their way of thereminist?
Moog Etherwave Theremin Standard
It is easiest to play, and is steady.