First composition for theremin

Andrey Pashchenko is considered the author of the first work written for theremin and orchestra.
The premiere took place at the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, solist Lev Theremin.
Andrei Pashchenko himself is a representative of the St. Petersburg composer school, was a student of Steinberg, Rimsky-Korsakov’s son-in-law (among the students of Steinberg were also D. Shostakovich, Yu. Shaporin, G. Ustvolskaya).
Despite the great creative heritage, it was not possible to find a single recording of Pashchenko’s music or information about the performance of his music in recent decades.
Music of Pashchenko sounds in a number of Soviet films.
January 11 in the St. Petersburg Philharmonic will be held the second premiere of “Symphonic Mystery” after 96 years. Unfortunately, the original score has not been preserved. But thanks to Olesya Rostovskaya, who reconstructed the “mystery” from the surviving draft composer and gave this work a new sound and new life.
If you will be in St. Petersburg this Saturday, you have a unique opportunity to attend the premiere of the reconstruction of “Symphonic Mystery”
On the photo: Andrey Filipovich Pashchenko and Olesya Rostovskaya.

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