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BY KELLY HISER Most people who haven’t heard of the theremin have heard it, usually in old science fiction movies like The Day the Earth Stood Still (or spoofs like Mars Attacks). The instrument has a reputation as an oddball, by virtue of its unusual method…

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Renaissance and Evolution by Masami Takeuchi – the new album from Japanese Theremin School

A few days ago, a new album was released – Renaissance and Evolution by the Japanese Theremin School and Mandarin Electron president, Masami Takeuchi. The disc includes compositions by M. Glinka, V. Vavilov, M. Ravel, and other composers. A solo…

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Clara Rockmore “the only country in which I could freely give concerts is USSR”

One hundred ten years ago, on March 9, 1911, Clara Reisenberg (married name Rockmore) was born. Сlara was born with extraordinary musical talent. At three years old, Clara’s uncle gave her a small quarter-violin; when Сlara was five years old,…

10 Most Popular Theremin Videos on YouTube
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10 Most Popular Theremin Videos on YouTube

Peter Theremin This year the video hosting YouTube turns 15 years old and, of course, You Tube it is great ability to instantly introduce your work to potentially unlimited audience, YouTube has changed the world. The theremin turns 100 this…

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Christmas Miracle by Moog Music

Theremin is always a technology, a bit of mysticism, a handful of procrastination or reflection (by choice) The global theremin community is a very narrow circle of fans and enthusiasts of the theremin, among whom there are a very, very…

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Charlie Draper in search of the Tardis

Based near London, Charlie has devoted himself to these instruments. Since he began his career in 2005, Charlie hasf performed at venues including London’s Wigmore Hall, Oslo’s Opera House, New York’s Public Theatre, Tate Britain, the British Library, Glastonbury Festival,…

Lina Gervasi: theremin
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  We continue a series of interviews with the finalists of THEREMIN STAR – the international theremin video competition dedicated to the centenary of theremin. Today we bring to your attention an interview with a theremin performer from Italy –…

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Katica Illényi – Music for Millions

Katica Illényi – Music for Millions.   Peter Theremin: Once upon a time in the 1930s, dozens of Lev Theremin’s students demonstrated theremin by performing opera arias, transcriptions of instrumental classical music, and popular American Broadway songs. Later, the theremin…

Theremin Go Paris
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Theremin go in Paris – 30 March to 2 April 2020

« Theremin Go ! » A Theremin masterclass and workshop by :  Peter Theremin Theremin performer Head of the Russian Theremin School Great grandson of Lev Theremin Masterclass ” THEREMIN GO ! “ by Peter Theremin from 30 March to 2 April 2020 at Le…

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First composition for theremin

Andrey Pashchenko is considered the author of the first work written for theremin and orchestra.The premiere took place at the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, solist Lev Theremin.Andrei Pashchenko himself is a representative of the St. Petersburg composer school, was a student…