Luis Mendaña

What prompted you to play theremin? 

I discovered this instrument in 2008 through a video by Pamelia Kurstin and that was enough to make me try to play it.

What were your first feelings when you heard the sounds of theremin and where did it happen? 

When I first listened to the mysterious sound of the theremin in Pamelia’s performance, it captivated me so much that I couldn’t resist the temptation of getting one. I bought a Paia kit with which I started playing my first melodies.

What is your musical philosophy and what place it occupies a theremin? 

I have been the conductor of an amateur choir for many years, with which I have performed in a variety of places, but lately I have performed with the theremin too.

Prospects for theremin and its place in modern music space – how you see them? For what qualities you value this tool? 

I would like to see a more widespread use of the theremin in modern music, but not only to create sound effects, but also to perform real music. I find it very interesting for experimental music, without forgetting the classics.

Which manufacturer of theremin do you prefer? 

I’m currently using a Moog Etherwave Pro that I consider fantastic, I would reccomend it.

What you can recommend for beginners thereminists, or those who are just going to start their way of thereminist? 

Lots of practice and patience.