Russian Theremin School in Patreon

Hello, friends!
You are welcome to the Patreon Page of the Russian Theremin School.
We have been teaching the theremin since 1920.
Theremin is the world’s only musical instrument that is played with hand movements in the air – without touch.
The history of electronic music began from the theremin, but after a hundred years, theremin remains one of the innovative and inspiring ways to create music.

Today the Russian Theremin School team is Natasha Theremin, Peter Theremin, Masha Theremin. The curator of the School is Natasha Theremin, a thereminist, teacher, daughter of Lev Theremin, the inventor of Theremin. The head of the School is Peter Theremin,theremin performer, lecturer, researcher of theremin history, great-grandson of Lev Theremin.

Peter Theremin thereminist, Theremin Today header, great-grandson of Leon Theremin