Leon Theremin

Leon Theremin (28 (15) in August 1896, Saint Petersburg – November 3, 1993, Moscow) – Russian physicist and acoustician, inventor, created a range of innovative inventions. Leon Theremin is considered the father “RDIF-technology”, sensor technology and electric music, a pioneer of television. Laureate of Stalin Prize (I degree), Honorary Member of the International Association of electro-acoustic music (UNESCO), an honorary citizen of the city of Bourges

Leon Theremin

Among his inventions –

The world’s first non-contact systems (signalization etc.).
The world’s first working model of “Dalnovidenie” – (in 1925-26 the world’s first over a distance image of a moving object).

Musical Instruments:
Theremin (1919)
Theremin cello
Theremin keyboard
Harmonium Theremin

Author of a number of innovative inventions and innovative developments, which and to our days remains actual.
Leon Theremin – the author of a number of scientific research in the field of musical acoustics, a pioneer of color music. Electronic musicians call him “the father of electronic music”
(though Leon Theremin himself was never interested in electronic music)

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