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theremin star competition
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Theremin Today starts the competition “Theremin Star” dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the theremin, which we will celebrate next year, and will continue in 2020The competition will take place in several stages: 1.Every 10 days, we will select the 5…

Hyrtis Gladys Hulot
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Hyrtis Gladys Hulot ( France)

Theremin and musical saw performer. Web – http://www.hyrtis.com/ So please, if you have anything that you would like to say publicly about Clara Rockmore, her creativity and her works, – please write. The theremin changed her life… She is still…

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Le Rossignol (A. Alyabieff) – Thierry Frenkel (theremin)

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Grégoire Blanc (France) – theremin

Born in 1996 in Paris, Grégoire Blanc started showing interest in music very early. He began studying the cello at the age of 4, and never stopped developing his musicianship since then, even if the path he followed was not…